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What does Crane Co. do?
Crane Co. is a diversified manufacturer of highly engineered industrial products.

Crane Co. was founded in 1855 as the "R.T. Crane Brass & Bell Foundry" in Chicago. From this 14x24-foot foundry specializing in brass castings, the company has grown to employ 10,000 people around the globe. Crane Co. has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 1936.

Crane Co. now consists of several distinct businesses that produce a variety of products under a number of brand names. Crane is engaged in five lines of business: Aerospace & Electronics, Fluid Handling, Controls, Engineered Materials, and Merchandising Systems.
Does Crane publish the "Flow of Fluids" reference book?
Yes. Crane pioneered the scientific study of fluid flow and developed a comprehensive reference book, "Flow of Fluids" or Technical Paper TP-410, in 1942. Flow of Fluids is a standard text in many engineering programs. This book is in print and supporting software also is available. You can get information or purchase the book and software here.
What do you make? Who are your customers? What are the Crane companies?
This website has information on our businesses that can answer your question in greater detail.
What is the relationship between Crane Co. and the individual businesses?
Crane has evolved over the years through acquisitions and divestitures of businesses, and now consists of a number of businesses that produce a variety of products and brands.

In the recent past, Crane's businesses were separately responsible for the products they produce, but this is changing. Today, Crane is moving deliberately from a holding company to an operating company, in which closer relationships between the businesses provide valuable synergy and shareholder value. Crane is furthering this approach with "internal mergers" and selective acquisitions to create new business opportunities.
Where can I buy Crane vending machines or vending machine parts?
Crane vending machines are made by Crane Merchandising Systems' Vending Solutions businesses, which include Crane National Vendors, Dixie-Narco, APi, Stentorfield, and GPL. These vending machines include snack machines, can and bottle venders, frozen and refrigerated food merchandisers, hot and cold cup dispensers and hot drink merchandisers.

Crane's Payment Solutions businesses include National Rejectors (NRI), CashCode, Telequip, and Streamware.

Visit the Crane Merchandising Systems website for information on Crane's automatic merchandising equipment.

Do not send purchase orders, product inquiries or requests for quotation to this website (www.craneco.com). Doing so may result in significant delay in responding to your request.
Where can I buy other Crane products, or get quotations for products?
Contact the Crane business directly with your inquiry.

First, locate the business you are interested in. Then, follow the link to the website of that Crane business. Crane's business unit websites have the detailed product and sales contact information that you need.

Do not send purchase orders, product inquiries or requests for quotation to this website (www.craneco.com). Doing so may result in significant delay in responding to your request.
Do you do business outside of the United States?
Yes. Crane has operations in the Americas, in Europe, Australia, the Far East, and other locations worldwide. Crane serves customers around the world. About 25-30% of Crane's revenue originates outside the U.S.
What are your corporate values?
Crane Co. values individual integrity as expressed in the 1855 resolution of R.T.Crane:

"I am resolved to conduct my business in the strictest honesty and fairness; to avoid all deception and trickery; to deal fairly with both customers and competitors; to be liberal and just toward employees and to put my whole mind upon the business." The essence of this resolution is the business policy of Crane today.

See Crane's cultural goals here.
Where can I get information on Ferguson Company products?
Ferguson Company, manufacturer of motion control products, was a Crane affiliate until 2001. Ferguson joined with Camco in a joint venture which operates as Industrial Motion Control, LLC. Contact Industrial Motion Control, LLC, for information on Ferguson products.
Does Crane make bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures?
Crane no longer makes plumbing fixtures. Crane manufactured these fixtures from 1922 until 2001. Crane Co. spun off its U.S. plumbing business in 1984, and its remaining Canadian plumbing operations were sold in 2001.
I have one of the Crane commemorative medals, coins or other memorabilia. Do you want to buy it?
Over the years Crane has produced numerous commemorative items, including bronze medallions to commemorate the company's 75th and 130th anniversaries in 1930 and 1985.

Crane does not buy these items, does not track their value, and does not maintain lists of collectors. You may be able to contact collectors interested in buying or selling these items through online auction sites.
Are there other companies called “Crane”?
Some well-known companies with names similar to Crane Co. are listed below. Crane Co. has no connection with these companies.

Crane & Company - paper and stationery - www.crane.com

Crane Plumbing LLC. - plumbing fixtures - www.craneplumbing.com

John Crane Inc. - seals, bearings, lubrication - www.johncrane.com
I was employed by a company of Crane Co. and I qualify for retirement benefits. How can I get information on my benefits?
Contact the Crane Co. Human Resources department in Stamford, Connecticut, USA, at telephone (203) 363-7300. Provide your name, location where employed, and years when employed. Be prepared also to supply your Social Security Number or Employee ID Number and date of birth.
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