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What does Crane Co. do?
Does Crane publish the "Flow of Fluids" reference book?
What do you make? Who are your customers? What are the Crane companies?
What is the relationship between Crane Co. and the individual businesses?
Where can I buy Crane vending machines or vending machine parts?
Where can I buy other Crane products, or get quotations for products?
Do you do business outside of the United States?
What are your corporate values?
Where can I get information on Ferguson Company products?
Does Crane make bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures?
I have one of the Crane commemorative medals, coins or other memorabilia. Do you want to buy it?
Are there other companies called “Crane”?
I was employed by a company of Crane Co. and I qualify for retirement benefits. How can I get information on my benefits?
Do you have another question that hasn't been answered?